RTFKT x Murakami’s Launch Of ‘Phygital’ Items Is Heavily Criticized, Here’s Why!

RTFKT x Murakami’s launch of ‘phygital’ items is heavily criticized, here’s why!

Recently, RTFKT finally revealed its long awaited forging mechanism which will allow CloneX holders to unlock and buy their own exclusive NFT wearables for their avatars as well as real-life physical merchandise.

These items are referred to as “phygital” due to their nature being both digital wearables as well as real physical wearables.

CloneX holders will be able to unlock the ability to mint the collection items depending on the DNA of their Clones. For example, those who hold an ‘Alien’ Clone will be able to access the digital and physical Alien collection. The same applies for holders of Murakami, Human, Genesis, Robot, Demon, Angel, Reptile and Undead DNA clones. 

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Criticism From Community

However, despite the massive hype and excitement that it first received, the announcement of these forging items has since also received quite a bit of criticism from the NFT community. 

Many in the community showed disappointment at the fact that the forging items were not free, but on the contrary were quite expensive. Prices in the collection include a $300 hoodie, $600 sneakers, and the cheapest item being a pair of $40 socks.

Members of the community were even heavily accusing RTFKT and Nike of ‘milking’ their holders, some complaining that CloneX is beginning to feel more like just an expensive mint pass to them.

Despite the minting event to take place between August 31st and September 7th, criticism for the price seems to have reflected onto the collection as the CloneX NFTs haven’t seen much of a change in their floor price or trading volume these past few days.

Defending RTFKT

However, not everyone seems to be against RTFKT’s new forging items, in fact, many CloneX holders have also expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming digital and physical collections. 

Holders defending RTFKT high prices claim that the price is understandable considering the fact that this is not only the first ever mass scale phygital fashion drop, meaning its worth quite a lot, but also the fact that RTFKT’s reselling price will often go for much higher than its minting price, meaning that holders will gain more than they lose from the expensive drops.

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