Everything You Need To Know About Moonbirds Mythics

Everything you need to know about Moonbirds Mythics! The Moonbirds community has been buzzing with excitement at the reveal of PROOF collective’s newest upcoming project.

On August 30th, through the Future PROOF conference held on Twitter Spaces, the PROOF team finally announced the name of their long-awaited “Moonbirds 2” project which is now known to be named “Moonbirds Mythics”.

About Moonbirds Mythics

The Mythics collection is an upcoming 20,000 supply PFP NFTs, all of which are designed to look similar to the current Owl Moonbirds, except full body and seemingly more cartoonish than the current pixel style that Moonbirds sports.

In order to obtain one, holders of Moonbirds Oddities NFTs will be able to burn their Oddities to receive a Mythics, with a maximum of 25 Oddities able to be burned a day. Aside from that, nested Moonbirds holders will also be able to ‘have the chance’ to win a Mythic daily, again with a maximum of 25 hatchings per day.

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However, it should be noted that after the Future PROOF space, the team took notice of many complaints from the community that original Moonbirds holders weren’t going to receive any guaranteed Mythics and because of that, it seems that a change may take place for the requirements of receiving a Mythics sometime in the future.

FYI, we hear you on the guaranteed Mythic mint for nested Moonbirds — thank you for the feedback. Give us 24 hours to crunch numbers and get back to you with the plan on the guaranteed portion of the distribution,” PROOF CEO, Kevin Rose said in the PROOF Discord Server.

Aside from that, the team also explains that despite whether holders choose to burn their Oddities or nest their Moonbirds to try and receive a Mythics NFT, both actions will have an equal chance at receiving a potentially ‘rare’ Moonbird.

Aside from that, additional details about this upcoming project that the team mentioned was that they plan on making Moonbirds Mythics a ‘slow & thoughtful’ project, thus the hatching of Mythics will not all take place at the same time.

When Will Moonbirds Mythics Launch?

This collection of 20 thousand NFTs will reportedly launch sometime early next year. The team explains that they are planning to launch the collection during Q1 of 2023 but that no specific timeline will be set just yet as there are still many parts of the project uncompleted.

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