Binance’s AI-Powered NFT Generator Sees 10K Mints In Just 3 Hours!

Binance’s AI-Powered NFT Generator Sees 10K Mints In Just 3 Hours! 

On Wednesday, CEO of the number one crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence-powered NFT generator named “Bicasso.”

About Bicasso

CZ described Bicasso as a way for users to “turn their creative visions into NFTs” through the use of AI. Similar to other AI art platforms like Nightcafe, DALL-E, and Starry AI, Bicasso allows users to type in a creative prompt which will then be rendered into a unique image or illustration.

CZ does note, however, that this current version of Bicasso is still a beta and that images created as part of the pilot will not be available for resale.

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Bicasso’s Success

With AI being a massive topic around the world right now, many in the NFT community were eager to try their hand at minting an AI-generated NFT. 

Bicasso’s pilot proved to be quite the success after it was revealed that around 9,000 users in total minted at least one Bicasso NFT, with the first pilot recording 10,000 NFTs minted in just 2.5 hours.

“Bicasso first pilot just completed with 10K NFT minted in 2.5 hours. The AI was a little stressed out, but caught its [breath] now.” CZ tweeted

The crypto exchange does note however that those who missed Bicasso’s initial pilot beta, they can still sign up for the waitlist in order to try their hand at using the full-completed version of the AI in the future.

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