Everything You Need To Know About The Moonbirds Oddities Collection

Everything you need to know about the Moonbirds Oddities collection! After first being airdropped to Moonbirds holders way back in May, the community is now buzzing with excitement after the Moonbirds Oddities collection has finally been revealed to the public. So here’s everything you need to know about them.

About Oddities


The Oddities project is a collaboration between the PROOF collective and Cryptoadz NFT artist, Gremplin. The art itself features little bony creatures that come in different forms, this is tied to the Oddities concept which are that these creatures are the regurgitated meals of the Moonbirds owls.

As many holders may have noticed by now, the Oddities traits are directly linked to the traits of the Moonbirds that holders own. Holders of gold Moonbirds for example, will have hatched golden Oddities.

Multiple times in PROOF’s livestream in revealing the Oddities, the team seemed to emphasize their idea that Oddities is not and should not be considered to be “Moonbirds 2.0” but rather its own individual collection.

Benefits For Oddities Holders

Holders of Oddities NFTs will have a number of different ‘benefits’ and utilities. For one, Oddities holders will have access to a special channel on the PROOF Discord channel, holders will also be eligible to buy tickets to join the PROOF of Conference event in August. Holders will also have access to PROOF’s upcoming project “highrise” as well as possible Oddities merchandise in the future.

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