Excitement Builds As Moonbirds Oddities Nears Reveal!

Excitement builds as Moonbirds Oddities nears reveal. The long anticipated “Moonbirds Oddities” collection by PROOF is finally nearing its reveal on July 20th.

About Moonbirds Oddities

Not much is known about the collection since it was first created and announced earlier this May, however, Kevin Rose and the rest of the PROOF team has made it clear that Oddities will be an airdrop to current Moonbirds holders that will aid in becoming a derivative of the main Moonbirds collection.


Through their Twitter, the PROOF team explained that the Moonbirds Oddities concept  does not refer to a bird egg but instead is more of a “pellet” based on what the Moonbirds have eaten. 


Since then, the Moonbirds Oddities collection has been relatively quiet as holders continue to wait for its reveal which was announced to be on July 20th. Only a few days before the expected reveal, holders noticed changes in the details and look of the Oddities NFTs, with the pellets now growing hair and seeming to have “legs.”

The Moonbirds Twitter account later announced that these new updates are purely cosmetic and random and that they have zero correlation to the actual final look of the Oddities NFT later on. However, the team will provide holders with teasers and pre-reveals for the Oddities’ real looks.

Moonbirds Collection

The Moonbirds collection itself has been doing incredibly well and is arguably one of the most successful bluechip NFTs in the market right now, placing the ranking at the 10th Top NFTs of all time on Opensea.

With the Oddities reveal coming soon and more projects like ‘Moonbirds Ravens’ on the way, the collection seems to be very likely to thrive throughout the rest of this year.

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