Award-Winning Baobab Studios’ Momoguro NFTs See Successful First Day Of Launch! 

Award-Winning Baobab Studios’ Momoguro NFTs See Successful First Day Of Launch! 

The Momoguro NFT collection, created by nine-times Emmy winner animation studio, Baobab Studios, has just seen a successful first day following its long-awaited launch.

Momoguro NFTs Minted Out

Just hours after it first launched, the collection made up of 8,888 NFTs minted out, successfully raking in more than 3,800 ETH, or around $5.9 million in total volume.

Along with that, the collection was even able to reach a floor price of 0.9 ETH at one point, despite having a mint price of only 0.22 ETH. Since then, however, its floor price has fallen slightly and is now sitting at 0.7 ETH at the time of writing.

Joining in on the hype and excitement surrounding this new collection, a number of notable figures and traders in the community have also been seen to sweep these NFTs, with some even minting as much as 20 NFTs at a time.

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About Momoguro

The hype around this collection mostly seems to stem from the notable people behind the team. Baobab Studio is known to be made up of prominent figures in the animation, film, and entertainment industry. Just earlier this month, the project announced some of the people behind their team, including their Momoguro Games team, revealed to be made up of the same people who led some well-known game franchises like The Sims, League of Legends, Pokemon, and Minecraft.

Along with this, the Momoguro NFT project promises its holders some impressive things in the future, including an RPG core game set to launch in Q2 of 2023.

“Baobab Studios’ mission is to inspire you to dream and bring out your sense of wonder. Make YOU matter. This begins by creating great characters and stories, like Momoguro, where you can be part of the story. We aspire to bring the Momoguro IP to as many channels, streaming platforms, and widespread media as possible.” Baobab Studios CEO, and Co-Founder Maureen Fan stated.

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