RTFKT Rumored To Allow CloneX Holders To Upgrade Their Clones!

RTFKT rumored to allow Clonex holders to upgrade their clones! A new teaser video from the team at what they are currently working on has led to multiple rumors from the community.

Upcoming INVNTRY App

Recently, the RTFKT team posted a new sneak peek video at their upcoming INVNTRY app in the making. The app in question is meant to help RTFKT CloneX holders’ be able to customize their Clones through the different NFT wearables they own and create CloneX content.

Some holders, however, have noticed a number of different hints for the future of the project through this 21 second clip.

RTFKT CloneX Tier Levels

One thing from the teasers that got the RTFKT community buzzing was the fact that the words “Tier 1” could clearly be seen next to the details of the CloneX DNA during the first 5 seconds of the video.

This led to many in the community suspecting that RTFKT may be creating more tier levels for CloneX NFTs in the future, possibly allowing holders to “level up” or upgrade their CloneX.

Some in the community have even began theorizing that RTFKT may be implementing a ‘staking’ system in the future in order for holders to level up their Clone tier.

Previously With RTFKT

Just last week, RTFKT had also attracted a lot of attention from the community due to the announcement of their new ‘phygital’ items in which CloneX holders can mint both physical and digital wearables.

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Despite being dubbed as a pioneer in the Web3 fashion space, these forged phygital items had also received quite a bit of criticism at first.

Both holders and other members of the community alike criticized the high prices of these phygital items that RTFKT were promoting.

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