Everything You Need To Know About RTFKT’s Upcoming CloneX DNA Forging!

Everything you need to know about RTFKT’s upcoming CloneX DNA Forging! “Tough choices await CloneX holders…It’s unlike any Forging we have ever done,” CloneX founders stated.

Recently, RTFKT announced on their Twitter account that they are ‘almost done in the lab’ hinting at the fact that it’s nearing the time for the official “CloneX DNA forging process” that the team has been hinting about since late 2021.

About The Forge

This DNA forging event essentially is a way for CloneX holders to be able to claim physical real life wearable clothes depending on their Clones DNA. Zaptio, Co-founder of RTFKT explained through his Twitter in late July that this upcoming DNA forging event will be “the biggest digital – physical drop in Web3.

We have created 10 next-gen collections that CloneX holders will be able to acquire,he continues,This is our first CloneX forging event that we have been creating for the last 8 months. The collections are exclusive to CloneX 8 DNA’s + 2 additional collections. Each collection features multiple unique DNA Artefacts.

RTFKT’s other co-founder, Benito, also mentioned that this upcoming forging may be one of the biggest that RTFKT has done yet, and that their previous AR hoodie project was a way for them to “test some systems” in preparation for this upcoming forging event.

So far, the team has not mentioned any specific dates for when the forging will take place, but with the team becoming more and more active in announcing the forge these past 2 months, many in the community suspect the official announcement for DNA forging could take place sometime in the next week or so.

Previously With RTFKT

Before the hype for this DNA forging event, the last big event that took place in the RTFKT community was when the team released their long-awaited RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodies. This however, didn’t turn out as well as the team had expected after they experienced a number of issues relating to minting through the website.

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Many in the community expressed their disappointment with the way the RTFKT team had dealt with the issue, but now, with the team having learned from their mistakes, the hype for the upcoming DNA forging has picked back up and CloneX holders are continuing to await more information for their claimable wearables.

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