RTFKT Releases New Teaser For Its CloneX Story Mode!

RTFKT Releases New Teaser For Its CloneX Story Mode! 

Recently, RTFKT have been making a big buzz in their community after releasing a new mysterious trailer for what was only described by the team as ‘CloneX Story Mode’.

What Story Mode Could Be

Since the video released, many in the community have been excited to see and pick apart hints taken from the short 17 second video to find more of an explanation on what this ‘Story Mode’ could potentially be.

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Despite no definitive answer as of now, many in the community have mostly come to the agreement that this ‘story mode’ could potentially mean that CloneX is starting its journey to becoming a ‘storytelling’ NFT project.

Storytelling NFTs

Many other NFT projects like Moonrunners, Goblintown, and 10KTF have utilized the idea of storytelling and lore to their advantage since the beginning of their project.

Because of this massive success, the ‘storytelling’ concept has been adapted by a number of other popular NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)’s Otherside, Pudgy Penguins, and more!

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This concept of telling stories to engage the audience and investors to become more invested into the NFT project has since been dubbed as the Storytelling meta and has been said by many in the community to be the ‘next big thing’ in the NFT space.

Previously on CloneX

Several members of the RTFKT community, including the founders themselves have been hinting at the fact that October may just be an extremely big month, possibly with many releases and announcements from the team.

This comes after a relatively quiet September from the NFT project, with the latest big thing from the community being the divided opinions they received on changing the metadata for Lebron James’ cloneX. 

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