Yuga Labs Co-Founder Talks Future Of Otherside Metaverse And Plans For New Games! 

Yuga Labs Co-Founder, Greg Solano, Talks Future Of Otherside Metaverse And Plans For New Games! 

Earlier this weekend during NFT Paris, co-founder of Yuga Labs, Greg Solano, also known as @CryptoGarga on Twitter, talked about the future of Yuga Labs as well as the future projects they have planned, including the Otherside Metaverse as well as a couple of new upcoming games following the success of their Dookey Dash Game earlier this year.

Yuga Labs Updates

According to Solano, the Yuga Labs team has been growing exponentially, with the company now having a total of 140 people working within it. Along with that, some notable figures will also be joining the company this year, like former Activision Blizzard COO Daniel Alegre, who will become Yuga Labs’ new CEO sometime in the next coming months.

The Yuga Labs co-founder also noted about the massive success of their Dookey Dash game earlier this year, which Solano says has helped Yuga Labs’ ecosystem grow by about 40%.

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Future Games & Otherside

Solano also made sure to tease the community with hints of Yuga Labs’ future plans, including their plans to create 2 more games in the future which he describes to be very different to that of Dookey Dash.

“We want to take these [game 2 and game 3] as a method to experiment with new types of games,” Solano says.

He also emphasizes that the team will be heavily focusing on the gaming aspect of their projects, stating that “gaming for us is the hugest priority for the next year.”

Along with these future games, Solano says the Yuga Labs team will be heavily focusing on creating the Otherside Metaverse. He explains that aside from the scheduled second trip planned to happen this March, the team is also hoping to make it possible for the community to visit the Otherside much more frequently in the near future.

Solano says one of Yuga Labs’ priorities is “opening up Otherside at a much more frequent cadence for people to come in, and iterate towards getting into a persistent world by the end of the year.”

The Yuga Labs team has yet to announce the official date for the Otherside Metaverse’s second trip, but Solano tells the community that they can look forward to more frequent updates about Yuga Labs’ projects in the future, estimating about one or more announcements each month.

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