9GAG’s Memeland Makes Huge $1M Bid For Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash Key!

9GAG’s Memeland Makes Huge $1M Bid For Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash Key! 

Memeland Bids +$1M

Recently, following the end of Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash game, it was revealed that popular pro-gamer Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson had won the number one spot in the game, earning him the sought-after prize of the Golden Key.

Since then, Mongraal has received a number of large bids for his key, including a massive 690 ETH bid, or around $1.1 Million USD, which has since expired, meaning that Mongraal had rejected the bid entirely.

Despite this, however, a number of different people have continued to attempt to bid for the Golden Key, including 9GAG’s NFT project Memeland, which had just recently placed a massive 999 ETH (~$1.6M) bid for the key.

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Because the key went through Jimmy’s butthole and it’s been through a lot. It reminds me of our journey in web3. And also,  999 Eth for a top Yuga Labs asset sounds like a bargain.” 9GAG’s CEO jokingly told The Bored Ape Gazette

Will Mongraal Accept The Bid?

Although the $1.6 million bid may seem enticing to many, it’s still a question of whether Mongraal will accept the bid for his one-of-one Golden Key. 

Some in the community have pointed out that it’s possible Mongraal could reject this bid, as he had previously rejected the $1.1M bid for the key, tweeting out a simple “double it and I’ll accept” about UpDAO’s attempt to bid on the key.

With Memeland’s bid only being a $500K bid higher than the previous bid, some may say Mongraal is waiting for even higher offers.

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