Yuga Labs Announces Its New Bitcoin Ordinals Collection “TwelveFold”

Yuga Labs Announces Its New Bitcoin Ordinals Collection “TwelveFold”. 

Yuga Labs, the team behind prominent NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) has recently made an announcement introducing the launch of their next NFT collection, TwelveFold.

About TwelveFold by Yuga Labs

Unlike their other collections, Yuga Labs’ new collection TwelveFold will become the team’s first-ever Bitcoin-based NFT project. Scheduled to launch sometime later this week, Yuga Labs describes TwelveFold as a 300-piece generative art collection with each piece inscribed in a Bitcoin blockchain.

Each art piece will combine 3D graphics and hand-drawn features on 12×12 grids, made purposely to serve as “a visual allegory for the cartography of data on the Bitcoin blockchain.”

“Stepping into the Ordinals Discord a month ago felt like getting a glimpse of the 2017-era Ethereum NFT ecosystem. It’s the type of energy and excitement we love at Yuga.” The Yuga Labs team wrote.

“We expect this technology and the ecosystem around it to evolve and become more sophisticated over time, however, we don’t expect it to evolve in the same ways other blockchain NFT ecosystems have.”

Yuga Labs will make further announcements and provide more information about this upcoming Bitcoin-based collection in the upcoming week.

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Bitcoin Ordinals

Since late January, Bitcoin Ordinals have been massively blowing up in popularity, successfully crossing over 100,000 in total inscribed Ordinals within just a number of weeks. 

Not only that, but a number of popular NFT investors as well as NFT collections have also been turning their attention towards Bitcoin Ordinals, including Solana-based ‘DeGods’ NFTs, which had recently joined the Bitcoin Ordinals trend by inscribing up to 535 of their previously burned NFTs onto Bitcoin.

With a major player like Yuga Labs joining in on creating a Bitcoin-based NFT collection, however, many are expecting Bitcoin Ordinals to heighten in popularity even more in the near future.

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