Why Vitalik Buterin Says Ethereum Should Improve Its User Experience! 

Why Vitalik Buterin Says Ethereum Should Improve Its User Experience! 

On February 28th, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin shared his thoughts and opinions on how Ethereum could improve to become a better method of payment and improve user experience.

Ethereum’s Inconveniences

Vitalik explained in his blog that in his personal experience, he saw that Ethereum experienced a number of issues when being used as a payment method that made it become inconvenient.

The Ethereum founder recounts his experience back in 2021 of having to pay three times more than he needed to for a cup of tea when trying to pay with Ethereum due to the price of the product being below the exchange limits of 0.01 ETH. He noted this to be an error that would need to be fixed to improve users’ experiences.

In 2022, he tried again to pay for tea with Ethereum, this time the transaction failed due to requiring “extra gas to process the transfer” and a UI glitch in his mobile wallet. 

Many times, there has been a surprisingly long time delay between my transaction getting accepted on-chain, and the service acknowledging the transaction, even as ‘unconfirmed.’ Some of those times, I definitely got worried that there was some glitch with the payment system on their side.” Buterin wrote.

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Lack Of Focus On User Experience

Buterin pointed out that it’s because of issues like this, a lack of focus on making a good user experience, that causes many users to be wary of using Ethereum as a method of payment. 

Good user experience is not about the average case, it is about the worst case. A UI that is clean and sleek, but does some weird and unexplainable thing 0.723% of the time that causes big problems, is worse than a UI that exposes more gritty details to the user but at least makes it easier to understand what’s going on and fix any problem that does arise.” The Ethereum co-founder wrote.

Along with the all-important issue of high transaction fees due to scaling not yet being fully solved, user experience is a key reason why many Ethereum users, especially in the Global South, often opt for centralized solutions instead of on-chain decentralized alternatives that keep power in the hands of the user and their friends and family or local community.

Finally, Vitalik Buterin acknowledges that although many improvements have been made to User Experience over the years, “more still needs to be done,” he says.

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