Doodles NFT Unveils Details Of Dooplicator Utility! 

Doodles NFT Unveils Details Of Dooplicator Utility! 

The Doodles NFT collection has finally released further information about its Dooplicator NFTs and its utilities ahead of when its scheduled to ‘activate’!

Dooplicator Use

Earlier this week, the Doodles founder Jordan Castro clarified that the only way for holders to receive early access to the long-awaited Doodles 2 collection is through the use of either a Dooplicator or Genesis Box. Though no clarification was given on what utilities the Dooplicator or Genesis Box would give.

Now, the team has explained that the Dooplicator’s initial function is to create wearables for Doodles 2. After it’s first ‘charge’, holders will receive up to 9 wearables, plus an early access key to Doodles 2.

The team however goes on to explain that the Dooplicator is “supercharged with endless utility,” and that after its initial use of creating wearables, the Dooplicator will recharge to have further new uses in the future. 

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Doodles & Dooplicator’s Rise

With the excitement of Doodles 2 rising among those in the community, all NFTs within the Doodles ecosystem, including the original Doodles collection, the Dooplicator and the Genesis Box have seen a surge in their trading volume.

Within the past month, Doodles saw a 20% increase, Dooplicator a 140% increase, and the Genesis Box a 35% increase in their trading volume.

Despite the excitement, reactions for the upcoming Doodles 2 collection have been rather divided however, after the team announced that the new collection will be launching on the FLOW blockchain rather than Ethereum.

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