Cool Cats Travels To New Dimension In New Teaser Video

Cool Cats Travels To New Dimension In New Teaser Video. 

After months of sparse project updates from the team, the popular Cool Cats NFT collection has finally released a new teaser video hinting at the next move in their project.

Where Is Blue Cat?

The recent teaser posted by the Cool Cats official Twitter page showcases the infamous Blue Cat character, along with his partner Lil Chugs. 

In the teaser video, Blue Cat angrily crumbles and throws a piece of paper towards Lil Chugs after failing to draw a face. Suddenly, Blue Cat’s pencil magically lifts and begins to draw on its own, drawing a mysterious symbol in black before it expands into a big void, colours exploding from within it and sucking Blue Cat and Lil Chugs into the void.

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Following the release of this video, the Cool Cats founders, including Clon, Elu, Tom, and Lynqoid have all changed their Twitter profile pictures into black and white outlines of their Cats, updating their bio to the hashtag #WhereIsBlueCat.

The Cats’ Resurgance

There has been no further explanations from any members of the Cool Cats team about what this teaser could mean, though many theories have arisen from the community, including the possibility of the creation a new collection within the Cool Cats ecosystem.

More information from the team is expected to be delivered within the next few days or weeks.

Because of this, a lot of hype and bullishness have returned to the collection, helping it to surge in floor price and trading volume.

According to data from CryptoSlam, within the past 24 hours, the Cool Cats collection saw its trading volume rise by more than 185% and its floor price rise by more than 7%, now trading at a floor price of 2.48 ETH at the time of writing.

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