Doodles NFT Founder Provides More Details On Doodles 2 Collection!

Doodles NFT Founder Provides More Details On Doodles 2 Collection! 

Months after first announcing their upcoming new project Doodles 2, earlier in the Summer of 2022, the Doodles NFT team has taken to Twitter again to release some more hints and clarifications on the upcoming new collection.

Doodles 2

Recently, Doodles founder Jordan Castro going by the Twitter handle @poopie, has taken to Twitter to clarify about the eligibility criteria for holders to be able to gain early access to the Doodles 2 collection.

Castro explains that unlike what many people seem to think, simply having a Doodles NFT does not give holders early access to the new collection. Instead, holders must make use of either a Dooplicator or Genesis Box.

Both Dooplicators and Genesis Box NFTs have yet to be activated, so their utilities are not able to be used yet, but the team has announced in December that the Dooplicator should be ready to activate sometime by the end of this month.

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Dooplicators & Genesis Box Surge

As a result of this announcement, bullishness and excitement for both the Dooplicator and Genesis Box has re-emerged, causing their trading volumes to surge massively within the past 24 hours.

According to data from CryptoSlam, the Dooplicator’s trading volume has risen by almost 200% while the Genesis Box’s trading volume has surged by up to 410%.

A user has also taken the recent clarifications for early access of Doodles 2 rather seriously, sweeping up to 83 Dooplicators on the Blur NFT marketplace earlier today. This sweep totalled in at about 126 ETH, or around $195.6K USD. Around 10 of these 83 Dooplicators were also noted to have the rare trait.

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