DigiDaigaku NFT Collection Surges After Recent $260K Sale!

DigiDaigaku NFT Collection Surges After Recent $260K Sale!

A massive DigiDaigaku NFT sale has helped the collection rise exponentially in both its floor price and trading volume recently.

About The Recent Sale

Recently, DigiDaigaku #1632 was bought for a massive 200 ETH, or around $260,000 after continuously being bid for around 120 ETH the previous day.

The NFT in question, named Ifrit, is a rare one, being a one-of-one NFT and only one of the five total Mythic-trait DigiDagakus.

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This NFT has set quite the record, becoming the highest sale within the history of the entire DigiDaigaku collection. Before this, the last highest sale had gone to DigiDaigaku #379 – Leviathan and was only sold for 59 ETH, or around $76,200, a massive difference from the newest sale.

Collections Rise

Since the big 200 ETH sale, DigiDaigaku has been seeing its collection surge by a lot in both floor price and trading volume. 

According to data from OpenSea, n just the past 24 hours DigiDagaku Genesis has risen in volume by up to 300%. The Genesis collections’ floor price has also since risen by up to 7% to 11.99 ETH.

Aside from their Genesis collection, the new DigiDaigaku project, Digidaigaku Heroes has also been rising as a result of this recent 200 ETH sale. Within the past 24 hours, Heroes’ volume surged by up to 100% and now boasts a floor price of 7.49 ETH.

Bullishness For DigiDaigaku

Arguably, the DigiDaigaku collection has been doing relatively well these past few months after the team had received a $200M funding back in August.

Aside from that, just last week the creator of DigiDaigaku excitedly announced that they were able to successfully buy a spot for a 30 second Advertisement in next years Super Bowl event. A massive deal considering the fact that more than 50 million people often watch the event live.

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With so many bullish opportunities seen within the collection, many in the community have expressed excitement to see DigiDaigaku grow even more in the near future.

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