DigiDaigaku Collection Skyrockets After Receiving $200M In Funding

DigiDaigaku collection skyrockets after receiving $200M in funding. This project has become the latest free-mint collection that’s been blowing up in the NFT community!

The $200 Million Fund

On Monday, Limit Break the Web3 gaming startup company behind the DigiDaigaku NFT collection announced to its community the fact that they have just received a massive amount of funds from their two funding rounds.

In a tweet published by the company, they explain that they have received a total of $200 Million in funding to help their team build massive multiplayer online games. They also mention that Josh Buckley, Paradigm, and Standard Crypto led the funding rounds.

Aside from that, other major investors included Coinbase, FTX, Anthos Capital, and Positive Sum.

Aside from the massive funding that will help push to drive the company higher, their latest announcement of an airdrop for DigiDaigaku holders on the 2nd of September could also be a cause for the collections recent surge in price and trading volume.

DigiDaigaku’s Surge

A project that first started out as a free mint, it now has a floor price of 15.8 ETH at the time of writing.

Aside from that, the collection is also topping OpenSea’s rankings, with more than a 570% increase in trading volume within the past 24 hours. 

DigiDaigaku is also a collection that attracted the attention of many in the community when it first came out due to its high-quality art and seemingly experienced team. 

​​With the team having received massive funding and an aidrop on its way to holders within the next few days, the DigiDaigaku community is continuing to buzz with prospect and vision for the future of this collection.

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