DigiDaigaku NFT Collection To Be Featured In A Super Bowl Ad!

DigiDaigaku NFT Collection To Be Featured On A Super Bowl Ad!

Recently, Gabriel Leydon the CEO of blockchain gaming company Limit Break, known to be behind the NFT project DigiDaigaku has just announced some exciting news for its community.

The DigiDaigaku Super Bowl Ad

Through his Twitter account on October 13th, Leydon made the announcement that the Limit Break team had successfully bought and secured a commercial spot for the upcoming Super Bowl event in 2023.

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With the Super Bowl being an extremely massive event, watched by up to 50 million people live and even more watching online, this advertisement proves itself to be a big deal for the company.

Having bought the 30 second ad spot for $6.5 million, Leydon explains that one special DigiDaigaku NFT from the community will be featured in it and the special NFT will be chosen through a contest.

I have personally overseen billions of dollars in marketing buys and I can confidently tell you a Superbowl ad (this will be my 3rd one) is the most effective video ad you can buy in the world.” Leydon wrote in his thread, “People talk about the ads they see for years!

Leydon then goes on to talk about how this ad is intended to help to expose more about NFTs and Web3 to the general audience and that this will be “a web3 experience the world has not seen before.

DigiDaigaku’s Funding

Just back in August the DigiDaigaku collection made quite a buzz in the NFT community, with its prices soaring by more than 500% after news that the Limit Break company behind the collection had received up to $200M in funding.

Some investors from this funding round included Coinbase, FTX, Anthos Capital, and Positive Sum.

Now, with having secured their own ad spot in the Super Bowl next year, it seems that the team is really following up on their plans and promise to build on their Web3 and Web3 gaming experience.

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