New NFT Marketplace Blur Launches, Here Are The Details!

New NFT Marketplace Blur Launches, Here Are The Details!

The latest Ethereum NFT Marketplace just launched, causing quite the buzz among many NFT investors for its many promoted benefits.

About Blur, New NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace named Blur launched on Wednesday and promotes itself to be the marketplace for “pro traders.” It notably features a number of features that aren’t available on other Ethereum NFT Marketplaces like portfolio analytics, an aggregation feature and most popular of all, 0% marketplace fees.

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Aside from that, Blur also boasts some other features like bulk-buying NFTs, which the biggest Ethereum NFT Marketplace Opensea had only recently added to their platform despite being the biggest NFT marketplace in the space by volume.

The marketplace also revealed that their platform had actually already been in private beta for months before officially launching.

Special Airdrop

A special feature this NFT marketplace boasts that has caused some massive buzz in the community especially has been their ‘free airdrops’ that are given to almost any user for free.

These airdrops are said to contain an undisclosed amount of BLUR tokens and are given to any user that lists an NFT on the platform. However, these airdrops won’t be able accessible until January of 2023.

The site however, also promises another major airdrop larger than the first one, which will only be given to users who ‘actively list NFTs’ on the platform.

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Community’s Reaction

The community for the most part have reacted rather positively to the launch as most of the features on the platform were able to function smoothly. Aside from that, many have noted that Blur has a more data-driven interface in comparison to other marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare, which is a great feature for heavy traders and investors looking to flip their NFTs.

The free airdrops have also been a big topic among the community, who for the most part have been rushing to claim their own airdrops, though some were disappointed at the prospect that they can only receive their DUST tokens in six months time.

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