Cool Cats Hints At Revealing New CEO Soon!

Cool Cats hints at revealing a new CEO soon! Months after their last CEO stepped down from the position, the Cool Cats team revealed that they may be releasing new information about the next CEO for the project!

New CEO Soon?

Recently, the Cool Cats’ Chief Marketing Officer, @ivyavocado, revealed through the Cool Cats’ official discord that an update regarding Cool Cats’ search for a CEO will be coming sometime soon.

This announcement was made after members of the Cool Cats community continuously asked the team for news on a potential new CEO, to which @ivyavocado replied that news will come “sooner than ever”.

Previous CEO

Back in April this year, Chris Hassett, Cool Cats’ CEO at the time, stepped down from his position and since then have been looking for a new CEO to fill the role. 

The sudden loss of a CEO definitely shocked the community at first, with no clear explanation or understanding of why and despite reportedly using a top-recruitment agency to look for the next CEO, the team seems to not have been successful in finding one for many months.

Since then, there were many in the community who were suggesting some names, some of which were notable figures in the community themselves such as @sighduck.

However, some of the recommended community members who were suggesting to fill the role of CEO such as @sighduck and were recently revealed to have been recruited as Cool Cats’ Community Council members instead, meaning these users are out of the picture of possibly becoming Cool Cats’ next CEO.

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