Everything We Know About Cool Cats’ Cool Friends So Far!

Everything we know about Cool Cats’ Cool Friends so far! From the Jo collection to the other four Cool Cats Friends, the team seems to plan to introduce and release these new characters slowly over a long period of time.

The First Cool Friend Collection


Recently on Friday, The Cool Cats team officially announced the first new Cool Cats character of theirs to be released to the community. The red bird-shaped character named “Jo” was revealed to the community through a Twitch stream by the team.

In their Tweet, the team explains a number of things regarding the new and upcoming “Jo Collection”. Firstly, the Jo collection will have an instant reveal and be released sometime in Q4 of 2022. Aside from that, the team says that the collection will have varying rarities anywhere from Cool to Exotic.

In a Twitch stream done by Cool Cats artist, @Cloncast, members of the community also got to collaborate in making some of the upcoming traits for the Jo collection by giving Clon suggestions as he drew the traits in his livestream.

About The Other Characters


The Cool Cats team haven’t revealed much about the other characters yet, but here’s everything we know so far about them!


There are 5 Cool Cats Friends in total, Jo the red bird, a lilac cat, a penguin, an anteater, and an ape. With Jo’s collection being revealed in Q4 2022, many in the community suspect that the rest of the Cool Friends will be revealed per quarter next year, meaning that the last character’s collection will be released on Q4 of 2023.


It seems that all the characters will follow the same roadmap of first a livestream with Clon where the community can take part in deciding traits they want for the collection before the NFT collection will eventually drop. After the NFT drop, the community can then expect new merch to be released surrounding the newest released character.


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