9GAG’s Memeland Sweeps 8 BAYC NFTs, Hints At Upcoming IP Use

9GAG’s Memeland Sweeps 8 BAYC NFTs, Hints At Upcoming IP Use. 

Earlier today, it was revealed that the popular NFT collection Memeland’s The Captainz which was created by social media platform 9GAG, had been sweeping up a massive amount of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. As a result, the community is buzzing with excitement at what this recent sweep could potentially hint at for the future of the Captainz collection.

Sweeping 8 BAYC NFTs

On February 6th,  Memeland had spent almost 800 ETH, or around $1.3 million in total, to buy 8 different Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. Members of the community noticed that the 8 NFTs picked up all shared one thing in common, the rare hat accessory traits.

Of the 8 Bored Apes, the most expensive one bought was BAYC 2059, purchased for a total of 132.7 ETH, or around $215,000.

Although it’s not yet currently known what these BAYC NFTs are for, many in the community have suggested that it may be used for a community raffle for Captainz NFT holders.

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Hints At The Future

Along with this massive BAYC sweep, Memeland creator and 9GAG CEO Ray Chan revealed a number of hints for the future of the Memeland collections, including the Captainz collection.

On their discord, Chan wrote that the team’s focus would be “on IPs” and that the team had a number of massive partnerships and collaborations planned for this year. “The collab that we are launching are F*CKING huge,” The 9GAG CEO wrote.

Since the BAYC sweep and Discord hints, Memelands’ The Captainz collection has seen its trading volume surge massively. In the past 24 hours, the Captainz NFTs soared by more than 330% while its floor price rose by 0.29 ETH.

The Captainz collection is now trading at a floor price of 3.73 ETH, or around $6,000 at the time of writing.

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