Checks VV NFT Collection Sees Massive Surge In Just One Month!

Checks VV NFT Collection Sees Massive Surge In Just One Month! 

The latest NFT collection to stir up the community lately, Checks VV Edition, has been seeing massive growth within the past January, surging by more than 14,000% in trading volume and raking in more than ten million dollars.

Checks VV’s Massive Growth

Created by renowned designer and artist Jack Butcher, the Checks VV Edition NFT collection originally launched back in early January for a mint price of only around $8.

Since then, the collection has been gaining a lot of traction from the community, who have helped the collection rake in almost more than 10,000 ETH, or around $16.3 million in total volume in just a little over a month.

Within that time, Checks VV also saw its floor price skyrocket from a price of 0.0089 ETH to now trading at 2.1 ETH (~$3,400) at the time of writing. 

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The Appearance Of Pepe Checks

The collection has also recently been stirring up the community after its creator Jack Butcher recently changed the NFTs’ metadata, purposely making the collection look like images of Pepe the Frog as well as the Mona Lisa. 

This sudden change was made after Butcher noticed that someone had made a derivative version of the Checks VV collection named “Checks Pepe Edition.” This derivative also proved to be rather successful, raising over $900K in volume within just 24 hours. 

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