MetaMask Adds New Privacy Settings To Aid In User Security! 

MetaMask Adds New Privacy Settings To Aid In User Security! 

New Security Features

Popular NFT wallet MetaMask has recently announced that they have added new features to its browser extension in order to help its users “maximize the control” they have over their data.

The new features include phishing detection, showing users their balance & token price, as well as show incoming transactions. Along with that, MetaMask has added more advanced settings such as allowing users to choose their own RPC network and adding a custom IPFS gateway.

These new features can be enabled in the browser extension’s “Security and Privacy Settings” section.

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Growing Security Concerns

These new features are a very much needed addition to most crypto & NFT wallets considering the fact that more and more phishing scams and security concerns have been rising the past few months.

Even notable figures are not immune to phishing scams these days. Recently, PROOF Collective & Moonbirds NFT collection founder Kevin Rose was the latest notable figure to have fallen for a phishing hack that had left his NFT wallet drained and most of his NFTs stolen.

Back in January, it was reported that Rose was accidentally “phished into signing a malicious signature” which then gave the hacker access to his wallet, draining the entrepreneur of $2 million worth of his valuable NFTs.

Since then, Rose has been working together with OpenSea’s security team, attempting to find a solution to retrieve his stolen assets.

It’s because of this that MetaMask’s new features, like their phishing detection feature, could really help to prevent more users from becoming victims to malicious scams like these.

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