Everything You Need To Know About Cool Cats NFTs’’ Plans For 2023!

Everything You Need To Know About Cool Cats NFTs’’ Plans For 2023! 

On the first of February, bluechip NFT collection Cool Cats hosted a town hall to inform its community everything they have planned for 2023, including their new strategic direction, upcoming product launches and partnerships.

Cool Cats Rebranding

In late January, the Cool Cats team introduced their new identity across all social platforms, featuring a new Cool Cats logo with a front-facing Blue Cat and a red background.

Not long after that, the team announced their plans to rebrand with a new vision and plans for the upcoming year. The team describes their new vision to be becoming “the leading entertainment brand that celebrates cool through community-centered storytelling and innovation.”

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“With our new strategic direction and rebrand, we want to convey to the community and the broader Web3 space that Cool Cats is here to stay. We’re not just building for the next year, or the next five years—we’re planning for the long term.” Cool Cats Group CEO Stephen Teglas told Decrypt.

“The new strategic direction emphasizes storytelling and narrative-building, which gives us a great opportunity to design new ways for our existing and future holders to engage with Blue Cat’s story and the broader Cool Cats ecosystem.” Cool Cats Director of Marketing & Strategy Jaclyn Woo explains, “This year, we’ll be focused on delivering immersive products and experiences that allow our holders to influence how the World of Cooltopia is built.”

New Products & Experiences

The Cool Cats team explains that they will be experimenting with the launch of a number of new products including Cool Score, which would allow users to track and earn rewards depending on who is a loyal and active member of the community.

Another product the team is working on are the Fracture NFTs, which will soon be airdropped to all Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT holders. These “Fracture NFTs” are described to be a dynamic NFT which will “enable a new storytelling experience via digital collectibles” and will evolve as holders complete journeys within the project.

Along with that is the upcoming Explorers NFTs which will be a larger expansion of the Cool Cats project later on in the year. The team explains that these Explorer NFTs will offer full-body customization and can be used across multiple blockchain networks.

The team also announced several new partnerships including Ledger as well as a partnership with Hologram, which will allow Cool Cats holders to experience their NFTs through holographic technology.

Finally, the team teased the community with a teaser photo of their upcoming “gaming” initiative, though further details on this project are yet to be revealed.

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