You Can Now Visit The Solana Retail Store In NYC!

Solana opens its own retail store in NYC! The main goal of this new Solana store is said to be to onboard onlookers and educate anyone new to the world of Web3 and the crypto space.

About The New Store

A Solana-themed retail store is opening its doors to the public on Thursday July 28th, at Hudson Yards in Manhattan, New York City.

The store, similar to any other retail store, will sell many different goods and Solana-branded merch, including Blanksoles sneakers. It’s been said by those who’ve visited the store before its opening that the store sells a lot of merch designed specifically for the Web3 community, with the merch having labels with typical crypto slang like “WAGMI”, “degen”, “probably nothing”, and more.

Inside, you’ll learn how Solana works, what Web3 is. We’ll set you up with a wallet and your first NFTs, and guide you through your first on-chain transactions,” the Solana Spaces Twitter account tweeted earlier this month.

The retail store also reportedly accepts payments in cryptocurrency, with a “Solana Pay Accepted Here” sign posted at the front of the shop.

Introducing The Public To Web3

The Solana store also reportedly boasts a lot of interactive installation, some of which are obviously designed to invite people to take part in the world of Web3.

It’s said that inside the store there is a private booth for people to set up their own Phantom wallet (Solana’s most popular wallet) as well as a station where visitors can check out the upcoming Solana phone, Solana Saga.

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