Chimpers NFT Surprise Community With Successful Dojo Staking

Chimpers NFT surprise community with successful Dojo staking. The Chimpers NFT Dojo gained a lot of attention and praise from the community these past few days for reportedly “one of the best staking experiences in the NFT space.”

About The Dojo Staking

The Dojo, which opened for Chimpers NFT holders on Tuesday, July 28th, is a new way for holders to stake their Chimps. The Dojo is described to be the place where the chimps can “train”, “battle”, and “adventure” to earn XP. 

Chimpers will collect XP in order to earn a Dojo bandana, with levels varying from White bandana (0 XP) to the highest being Diamond bandana (11,000 XP). These bandanas and earned XP’s will be displayed on your staked Chimpers profile in the Dojo.

It’s currently not known yet what these bandana’s will mean for the future of these staked Chimps, but holders predict it may relate to the Chimpers lore in the future.

Praises From The Community

Since the launch of the Dojo, the Chimpers NFT team have received a lot of praise from the community, with many saying that the staking experience is both entertaining and unique, as well as operates extremely smoothly.

The artistic side also doesn’t fall behind as many have praised the pixel art style as well as the music within the Dojo is extremely high quality and well-made. Within 24 hours, over 3,000 Chimps were reportedly able to visit and train in the Dojo successfully.

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