The Reason Steven Kokinos Is Stepping Down As CEO of Algorand

Steven Kokinos is no longer the CEO of Algorand. The former CEO announced the news via Twitter on 27 July.

Steven Kokinos’ Announcement

On 27 July, Steven Kokinos posted his decision on Twitter to step down as the CEO of Algorand. However, it does not mean he is no longer in Algorand. Instead, he said he would focus on some projects in the Algorand ecosystem. 

He mentioned his appreciation of working with some inspiring people, such as Silvio Micali, founder of Algorand. He also added that he is excited to see the future of Algorand and will continue to serve as an advisor until mid-2023. 

Steven Kokinos also announced the interim CEO of Algorand, W. Sean Ford.

Algorand’s Statement

Steven Kokinos is not the only one announcing the news on Twitter. On the same day, Algorand also posted the information and thanked Steven Kokinos for his dedication.

In this post, they also announced W. Sean Ford as an interim CEO. He was previously the COO of Algorand. He said he is excited to partner with Silvio Micali. He added, “Algorand has experienced monumental growth since its inception, and we look forward to our continued expansion as we take Algorand to the next level.”

Silvio Micali responded, “Sean is well positioned to partner with me to keep the company operations running the business as usual.”

To add the information, Algorand has worked with FIFA to be the official blockchain partner.

After the news, everyone in the community is excited to see what is next for Algorand.

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