Solana Mobile Phone FailSos To Live Up To Hype, Here are the details!

Solana mobile phone fails to live up to hype, receives only 2.8K pre-orders. The Solana Mobile Phone that was introduced back in June 28th does not seem to live up to its original hype, currently having only around 2,800 pre-orders since it was first announced.

About The Solana Phone

Solana Labs announced its plans to launch its very first Web3 phone, ‘Saga’ last month. The Saga phone is built on Android and offers users unique features related to the world of Web3, including NFT shopping and dApps integrated with the Solana blockchain. 


In an interview with The Daily HODL, Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana Labs, explained “The goal for this product is to build an awesome experience for signing for self custody for those integrations between native applications and digital items, NFTs, and all that stuff you want to do with Web 3.0, just make it as amazing as using Apple Pay.


Mixed Reactions To The Phone

Initially after it was first announced, the Solana phone recieved many positive reactions from the web3 community, with many saying that this phone could help increase the adoption of Crypto and change the web3 scene as a whole.

However, after the initial hype, many have now seemed to show mixed reactions to the phone, with some in the community wondering whether a blockchain even needs its own phone in the first place.


Other than being unsure of the use of the web3 phone, another reason why the Solana phone isn’t receiving as many pre-orders as originally thought could also be because the phone itself is likely to cost around $1,000, a big price for a new phone where its quality is still unknown.


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