Beeple to Debut The Immersive 3D NFTs to Solana In Partnership with Metaplex

An American digital artist and graphics designer, Mike “Beeple” Winkelman is bringing the immersive NFT to Solana. During Solana’s Breakpoint conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Stephen Hess, CEO of Metaplex Studios, announced the news.

“In partnership with the Render Network, we’re excited to welcome Beeple to Metaplex and Solana,” Hess said. “Debuting the future of streaming and immersive 3D NFTs,” he added.

The Collaboration Details

An announcement on Monday will provide more details about the collaboration. Hess’s announcement was accompanied by a slide showing how users can create their own unique NFT using a Beeple Everyday.

It will use a “randomized set of objects and time to create with.” The title of Beeple’s NFT pastiche, EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5,000 DAYS, was sold for more than  $69 million in 2021.

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On the other hand, as an advisor to Render Network, Beeple has been partnering with creators to enable their access to remote rendering power through a decentralized, peer-to-peer network.

Expecting NFTs to Focus on Emotional Connection or Utility

In an interview with Decrypt earlier this year, Beeple expects NFTs will increasingly focus on emotional connections or utility rather than “pure rampant speculation.”

Having these things will have some utility in his future work, he said, and he is intrigued by the possibilities dynamic NFTs offer.

After selling a $69 million NFT last year, Beeple has produced a kinetic video sculpture paired with an NFT and begun working on a digital art studio for showcasing his and other artists’ work.

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This collaboration was also welcomed  by many people through commenting on Andrew Hayward’s post congratulating Beeple. 

“Big news from #SolanaBreakpoint as  @beeple will be bringing “immersive 3D NFTs” to Solana in partnership with @metaplex  and @RenderToken. @stephengrave  on the ground in Lisbon with the news for @decryptmedia,” said Hayward, culture editor at Decrypt.

“Good news,” said one Twitter user. 

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