Watch Brand Tag Heuer Becomes Second Luxury Brand To Accept ApeCoin!

Watch brand Tag Heuer becomes second luxury brand to accept ApeCoin!

Tag Heuer Accepts $APE

It was recently announced that luxury watch brand Tag Heuer would now start accepting payments for their product using Yuga Labs’ ApeCoin! The brand announced through their Twitter account “Now, you can not only flex your @BoredApeYC #NFTs with style on the #TAGHeuerConnected Calibre E4, but you can also buy your watch with @ApeCoin!”

The Swiss luxury watch brand is already quite popularly used among those in the NFT space as their ‘Calibre E4’ digital watch has a special feature that allows NFT holders to showcase their NFTs on the front face lens of their watch through connecting their wallet to the watch itself.

Tag Heuer has shown again that they are one of the leading luxury brands in the NFT space by becoming one of the first luxury brands to accept the BAYC token ApeCoin! In their tweet, Tag Heuer also explained however, that ApeCoin payments currently are only being accepted to their stores located in the United States.

Luxury Brands Accepting ApeCoin

Tag Heuer isn’t the first luxury brand to start accepting ApeCoin payments however, the brand has become second only to Gucci, who announced their acceptance of ApeCoin payments a day prior to Tag Heuer.

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With Gucci and now Tag Heuer leading to become the first major luxury brands accepting BAYC’s token ApeCoin, many in the community are understandably excited as this shows the beginning of more adoption for the coin itself.

Besides luxury brands, ApeCoin has also been doing well in collaborating with other major NFT projects like 10KTF shop which has just announced its partnership with the coin.

All these new announcements have been helping $APE’s price steadily rise, with the coin now trading at a price of around $7.50 and sitting as the 32nd most popular cryptocurrency by Market Cap according to CoinMarketCap.

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