ApeCoin Confirmed To Partner With 10KTF Shop!

Today, 10KTF shop announced their new partnership with Yuga Labs’ ApeCoin token! It was revealed through an animated video that the long awaited “New Tokyo Dollars” or popularly referred to as NTD that was introduced by 10KTF back in January, which was explained would be used for the next phase of materials, items, and rewards, was actually just going to be ApeCoin which holders would be able to use for the 10KTF ecosystem.

Because of this, holders will be receiving $APE airdrops instead of the initial NTD airdrop they were expecting. 10KTF also explains that they have allocated a total of 714,405 $APE to airdrop to the community.

It should also be noted that for many months now since the NTD announcement in January, many in the 10KTF community have been accumulating NTD. This was revealed to be able to be swapped out for ApeCoin later on. 

Like Twitter user @atareh explains in his thread, “85 NTD = 1 Ape. So, whether you were a part of the NTD snapshot in January for holding 10KTF items, or have been staking a tool, you’ve been accumulating ApeCoin.

More Future Collaborations?

Although this collaboration with Apecoin is big news, it was not necessarily a surprise to everyone in the community. Some in the 10KT community claim that they have already been speculating for this collaboration for some time because of the various hints that were found in 10KTF’s postings over the past months regarding NTD.

This however, has made the community wonder what other rumors surrounding 10KTF may be true. 

Another rumor that has been going around relating to the 10KTF store is that they will have some type of collaboration with Yuga Labs’ Otherside. This rumor started due to both 10KTF referencing Otherside in a number of their posts as well as the Otherside seeming to reference 10KTF’s mascot WAGMI-san in their Metaverse first trip back in July.

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If the 10KTF x Otherside collaboration also turns out to be true, some in the community are speculating that it may be a possibility that Yuga Labs airdrops Otherdeed NFTs to 10KTF holders in a similar way that they are airdropping ApeCoin to 10KTF holders now.

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