Why Storytelling NFTs Are The Future

Why storytelling NFTs are the future! The free mint meta is no longer popular, many in the community wonder whether NFT projects that focus on heavy detailed storytelling be the future of the space.

What Are Storytelling NFTs

There have already been a rise in popularity of a number of NFT projects that focus on heavy storytelling. With characteristics of having heavily detailed lore and ongoing plot, these NFT projects aim to lure holders and others in the community in with curiosity for their story.

Examples of popular NFT projects that use storytelling concepts include the 10KTF shop which launches new parts of their ongoing story every Thursday. With an easy to remember main character, in this case WAGMI-san, and a well-made high quality animation, 10KTF’s storytelling method draws their community in through curiosity of wanting to know what happens next and how it connects to the newest release or announcement of their collection.

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Moonrunners is also another example of an NFT collection that has gained a lot of attention and a strong community for their storytelling concept. Slightly different to 10KTF, Moonrunners also invites their community to take part in shaping the plot of their NFT collection by creating polls in their Twitter where users can vote to shape the next part of the story.

Will Storytelling Projects Last Longer?

The past few months, the NFT space was seeing what was often referred to as the “free mint meta” mostly started by Goblintown where many new projects started to appear, attempting to lure in more holders through the fact that minting their NFTs were completely free.

This free mint meta has since died down with free projects being much less popular than they used to be. And now, many in the community woder whether the trend of storytelling projects will continue to be a big thing in the NFT space or whether this will only be a trend and die down after a while as well.

Some have argued though, that the storytelling concept is a much stronger concept to build a community than the free mint meta, and its often thought that projects with strong communities tend to last longer. This would suggest that storytelling NFT projects would likely be a big thing for the long term in the NFT space.

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