Yuga Labs Announces New News Source Site For Their NFTs

Yuga Labs Announces New News Source Site For Their NFTs

After having been hit with multiple issues surrounding scams, fake websites and impersonation accounts, the team behind some of the biggest NFT projects have finally announced an official website of their own.

Yuga Labs’ New Website

Yuga Labs, the team behind some of the most major NFT projects in the space including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), CryptoPunks and many more has just tweeted announcing the launch of their newest website.

This website, aimed to provide the community with the latest updates, news, press releases, blogs, events, and drops for all things Yuga was made to help investors avoid falling into scammer and impersonator traps.

Our team reports nearly 50+ scam links or fake impersonator accounts a week. We’ve designed this site with security in mind.” Yuga wrote on their Twitter thread.

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The team explains that they’ve put in extra measures in order to help investors avoid scams. Once a user has landed onto the new website for the first time, they’ll be prompted to create an authentication phrase and upload an image, this custom image will then always float on the top of the Website anytime a user visits the site again, helping the community to verify that the website they visit is indeed Yuga Labs’ official site.

Yuga VS Scammers

Being the team behind arguably the biggest NFT projects in the space, Yuga Labs has faced many issues surrounding impersonators, hacks and scammers throughout the years.

Just earlier this year the team suffered a major breach where their official Instagram was hacked, hackers then posted a fake link on the account leading to more than $2 million in NFTs from investors who clicked on the phishing link to be stolen.

In July, the Yuga Labs team had also posted a tweet, warning all its investors that their security team had been seeing a persistent ‘threat’, seemingly a malicious group trying to launch an attack on Yuga Labs’ social media accounts.

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Aside from that, just this October Yuga Labs’ Otherside Twitter account had also seemed to have been hacked, though no malicious posts were made from the account. 

With the growth in number of these hacks and scams as well as malicious impersonations of Yuga Labs and their projects, it was an essential move for the team to create more security measurements to help their investors avoid any more of these scams.

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