Yuga Labs Prepares To ‘Turn On’ Meebits NFTs Again!

Yuga Labs Prepares To ‘Turn On’ Meebits NFTs Again!

After a long time of having been quiet and stagnant, Yuga Labs hinted at beginning to make moves in furthering their Meebits NFT Collection!

“Turning On” Meebits

In their newest Tweet on their account, the Meebits team announced their newest launched website for the Meebits collection, “Turn Mee On”. A direct reference of Yuga Labs’ plans to kickstart the Meebits collection again that they had hinted earlier on in July.

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The new Meebits website itself features an ON switch that when clicked, plays techno music and a dancing Meebit. Aside from that, the left corner of the website features the label Meebit 1.1 “unlocked”, with Meebits 1.2-2.0 all “locked.” Hinting at the fact that there will be 9 more releases in the future.

“The new site will be the central hub for our upcoming Meebit experiences, activations, and opportunities. Play with one of Yuga’s Meebits or connect your wallet to play with your own. Get those Meebits moving!” The team explains in their tweet.

In a blog post, Meebits Brand Lead Danny Greene explains “Meebits were designed as 3D characters, but like an unused toy, they’ve been stuck in the box, gathering dust for too long. It’s time for them to break out, come to life, and start exploring the world around them.” 

Physical Prints For Holders

Aside from the new website launch, the Meebits team also announced new 1-of-1 physical prints that will be handed out to every Meebit holder as well as a certificate of authenticity.

“Meebit holders have two weeks from today to order their free prints,” the team explains.

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This new website and physical prints marks the first big movement in the Meebits collection since Yuga Labs announced changes to the collections IP rights earlier this August.

Since these new announcements, Meebits has seen quite some movement with the collection having surged in trading volume by more than 200% within the past 24 hours, according to data from OpenSea. At the time of writing, Meebits currently has a floor price of 3.44 ETH.

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