This Cryptopunk Sells For $4.45 Million Despite The Bear Market!

This Cryptopunk Sells For $4.45 Million Despite The Bear Market!

A recent Cryptopunk sale has been making a big buzz among the community recently for its extremely high price.

The Sale

On September 28th, it was revealed that CryptoPunk #2924 has been sold for a whopping 3,300 ETH, or around $4.45 Million, marking it as the fourth largest CryptoPunk sale in history. 

This Cryptopunk sale is also one of the biggest NFT sales in recent months considering the current bear market that has affected NFT sales. 

The punk in question is only one of 24 apes in the entire Cryptopunks collection as well as the only Ape punk to have a hoodie trait. Because of this, all its attributes make this punk in question the 38th rarest punk in the entire project, according to RarityTools.

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About CryptoPunk #2924

For the longest time, this specific Cryptopunk was owned by a well-known pseudonymous collector in the space, Seedphrase. They had bought this NFT back in November of 2020 for just a price of 150 ETH which was around $71,400 at the time.

Seedphrase had been attempting to sell this NFT for the past month, first listing it on Sept. 12 for 4,210 ETH and gradually decreasing the price until it had finally sold for 3,300 ETH.

Details about the buyer still remain unknown for the most part, however, some in the community have discovered that the wallet that had bought this Cryptopunk had not been active for the past 5 years.

It’s said that this buyer in question had been holding onto around 2,900 ETH which they bought back in May of 2017 for a price of around ~$230 per ETH for 5 years before making this massive purchase.

To see such a big purchase like this has made some in the community hopeful that this may mean that we are nearing the end of the bear market.

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