This CryptoPunk NFT Could Possibly Sell For A Massive $12 Million Soon!

This CryptoPunk NFT could possibly sell for a massive $12 million soon!

Recently, an NFT investor has revealed that they may be making history soon by purchasing a CryptoPunk for a massive price, sending members of the community into a buzz.

Reported $12 Million Offer

CryptoPunks community member @Punks2924 announced recently that they are currently in the process of raising funds in order to purchase the rare Alien punk, Cryptopunk #5905.

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The user claims that the fundraising will end by Monday, after which they will bid for the Punk for a price of 9,000 ETH, or around $12 million in today’s prices.

The Cryptopunk in question is only one of 9 total Alien-trait punk  and also has a Do-rag & Small Shades attributes, and has reportedly never actually been sold before.

If this deal follows through in accordance with what @Punks2924 says, this would make the purchase the biggest CryptoPunk purchase in ETH of all time. 

CryptoPunk Sales

Just last month, CryptoPunks was also making headlines for another massive purchase from its collection. Despite the current bear market and the lowering of NFT prices and sales volumes, CryptoPunk #2924 made quite a buzz after it sold for a whopping 3,300 ETH (~$4.45 Million).

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This massive sale caused hype and excitement in the community, driving the CryptoPunks collection to rise in both floor price and trading volume within hours after the sale.

Aside from that, another massive sale in the collection also took place back in July, when an investor bought a rare Ape-trait Cryptopunk for $2.6 million. 

With Cryptopunks being arguably one of the biggest NFT collections in the space ever, it’s no surprise that the project makes headlines so often for massive purchases for millions of dollars.

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