CryptoPunks Becomes First NFT To Enter Guinness World Record

CryptoPunks Becomes First NFT To Enter Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Records has now recently begun to accept and recognize more of Web3 and blockchain technologies into their ever popular encyclopedia.

CryptoPunk #5822

In a new section titled CryptoMania featuring many things Web3 including Bitcoin, crypto adoption, and the first-ever cryptocurrencies, it now also features NFTs, specifically a certain CryptoPunk.

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In their newest edition, CryptoPunk #5822 is now highlighted as the first ever featured NFT on the book, marking records as “the most expensive sale to a CryptoPunk to date.”

The NFT sold back on February 12 of this year for a whopping 8,000 ETH (~$23 million at the time). The CryptoPunk, who is now owned by CEO of Chain Protocol Deepak.eth is one of just nine total Alien-traited Punks in the collection.

The second highest CryptoPunk sold for considerably less than CryptoPunk #5822, at 4,200 ETH (~$7.6 million) on March 11, 2021.

Massive Punk Sales

For many years now CryptoPunks had often made headlines for some of its massive sales, being known to be one of the most popular and most expensive projects in the space.

Just earlier this September the collection made quite the buzz in the community again for a recent $4.4 million sale for a rare Hoodie Ape-traited Punk. This massive CryptoPunk sale despite the current bear market brought on a lot of bullishness for investors, who then saw CryptoPunks collection surge by more than 280% following the large sale.

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