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Superplastic’s BAYC figurines are on display in New York City!

Superplastic’s BAYC figurines are on display in New York City! 

First Real-Life Glimpse 

Earlier this year, Superplastic announced their exciting partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) to create these limited-edition vinyl figurines of a number of Bored Ape NFTs.

As Bored Ape Yacht Club members wait for their SuperPlastic Vinyl figurines to arrive sometime later this year, twitter user and BAYC member @CliveApestein tweeted out pictures of the Superplastic BAYC vinyls in display in real life, causing more excitement to brew among the BAYC community.

After this Tweet was published, Superplastic then announced that these vinyl figures were on display for anyone to see at the company’s flagship location. 

About The Vinyl Figures

The ‘Super Bored’ figurine collection, as its called, was announced back in April this year and will feature 5 Bored Ape figures in the BAYC universe. Each of these 13-inch figures cost around $222 USD, and different collectibles were available to buy for different groups of people, depending on whether they were a BAYC, MAYC or Superplastic NFT holder, or non-NFT holders.

Back in April, Paul Budnitz, founder & CEO of Superplastic, told Hypebeast, “We already owned an Ape and used it as a model for the first toy, and the BAYC team worked with us on concepts, designs and story development. Everything came together super-fast and it’s been a wildly fun ride, like most things in the NFT & web3 universe.

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The last update the community received about these figures was back in July when the Superplastic team announced they were working on packaging to ensure that the vinyl figures could be shipped on November as scheduled.

This NYC showcase of these vinyl figures is the first time the community will be able to see them in real life before receiving their own figures later on this year.

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