Luxury Brand Bugatti Launches New Bored Ape Luggages

Luxury Brand Bugatti Launches New Bored Ape Luggages!

The Bugatti Group has become the latest luxury brand to join in on the Web3 & NFT space, creating a new product featuring a major NFT project the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Phygital Collection

Through Twitter, the Bugatti Group announced that they were diving into the world of Web3 by launching their very first phygital NFT collection, with phygital meaning both physical and digital.

For their very first NFT collection, the Bugatti Group is creating a mint pass, which buyers can then redeem for a real physical luggage. The luggage in question features a number of different Bored Ape NFTs, of which the owners of these NFTs lent their rights for the company to create this product.

Further detail shows that the redeemable physical items from the NFT collection include a crossbody bag, backpack, duffle bag, and luggage. 

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BAYC & Brands

This isn’t the first time a BAYC NFT has been featured on the product of a popular brand. In fact, with BAYC being known to be one of the biggest NFT projects in the entire space, BAYC is known to have collaborated with a number of notable brands in the past.

Earlier this year, BAYC collaborated alongside Adidas and NFT influencer Gmoney to create arguably one of the biggest projects at that time.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has also collaborated with Superplastics to create limited edition custom Bored Ape figurines.

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Other than their official collaborations, multiple Bored Ape NFT owners have also lent their IP rights to notable fashion brands brands like Fashion Nova and Old Navy in the past.

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