Pudgy Penguins Surges After Announcement Of New Toy Line!

Pudgy Penguins surges after announcement of new toy line! The Pudgy Penguins collection recently made a huge announcement that helped boost their trading volume immensely within the last 24 hours!

The Pudgy Toy Line

The Pudgy Penguins team announced through their official Twitter the launch of their first licensing opportunity, a real-life toy line. This announcement comes only a month after the collection announced its partnership with the toy maker for both Fortnite and Nickelodeon, PMI toys.

The team describes the new toy line to be “licensed directly from the community” as the 15 penguins chosen to be made into toys are those that are owned by certain chosen holders themselves.

Surge In Price

Since the announcement, many in the community have been expressing their excitement for the future of Pudgy Penguins, raising both the floor price and trading volume of the collection within just a day. 

According to data by OpenSea, the project saw more than a 300% increase in sales volume, raising its floor price by 60% since last month.

To the surprise of many in the community, Pudgy Penguins was even able to flip the Cool Cats collection with a floor price of 2.68 ETH in comparison to Cool Cats’ 2.43 ETH.

The two collections are known to be part of the same category of ‘cute meta’ NFTs, with Cool Cats usually dominating Pudgy Penguins for the last year. However, with this new toy line announcement, many seem to have become more bullish on Pudgy Penguins than ever before.

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