Details On Bitcoin Savings Firm, Swan Recent Data Leaks

Bitcoin savings firm Swan is affected by recent data leaks! See the details! On August 10th, Swan informed users how the data leaks happened on Twitter.

The Information from Swan

On August 10th, Bitcoin savings firm, Swan, took to Twitter to inform users about recent data leaks in the company, which related to Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform for email and SMS.

According to Swan, on August 7th, Klaviyo, the company Swan used for email communication, told Swan about an issue in security. One of the employees was phished, “which led to the compromise of their internal systems and the download of Swan’s email list.” 

Swan informed users that information from email subscribers had leaked, such as first name, email, IP-based geolocation data identifying cities, and how they joined the email list. The good news is no financial information was exposed.

Swan also warned users to take precautions about this matter. Swan added there is no evidence the data are misused. However, the firm said to be aware of phishing attempts and assume all calls, emails, and messages asking for sensitive information are not valid.

Statement From Klaviyo

A few days before Swan posted the tweet, on August 8th, Klaviyo had opened up about the phishing incident on August 3rd. Unfortunately, hackers had entered an employee’s login credentials. It made the threat actor able to access the employee’s Klaviyo account and some internal tools. Klaviyo immediately took action to revoke access and remove the threats. 

Klaviyo stated, “The threat actor used the internal customer support tools to search for primarily crypto-related accounts and viewed list and segment information for 44 Klaviyo accounts.”

Klaviyo ended the statement by giving everyone the actions they would take to fix the issue and prevent the incident.

The incident can remind users to be careful of any weird calls or texts that may come in the future.

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