Mark Cuban Is Facing A Lawsuit For Promoting Voyager Digital!

Mark Cuban is facing a lawsuit for promoting Voyager Digital! Recently, news of Mark Cuban getting sued is trending in the community.

The Lawsuit

Mark Cuban is getting sued by Voyager investors and fans of the Dallas Mavericks, the basketball team he owns. The Moskowitz Law Firm filed the lawsuit on August 10th. Stephen Ehrlich, the CEO of Voyager Digital, is also mentioned here. 

In the lawsuit, they allegedly “target young and inexperienced investors, who are certainly new to cryptocurrency trading and mainly utilize mobile apps (rather than any sophisticated software) for trading.” The suit added that Mark Cuban had misinterpreted the Voyager platform numerous times.

According to the lawsuit, “Defendants Mark Cuban and Stephen Ehrlich were key players who personally reached out to investors, individually and through the Dallas Mavericks, to induce them to invest in the Deceptive Voyager Platform.”

The lawsuit alleged Mark Cuban and Stephen Ehrlich, through their experience in the industry, deceived customers into investing in the Voyager platform. As a result, millions of Americans now lost billions in cryptocurrency assets.

The lawsuit also said, “This action seeks to hold Ehrlich, Cuban, and his Dallas Mavericks responsible for paying them back.”

Mark Cuban was Promoting Voyager

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs also put several proofs that Mark Cuban was promoting Voyager Digital to make people use the platform. 

Mark Cuban once said:

“I gotta add, I am a [Voyager] customer and I’ve been a customer for several months now. I like to use it, it’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s fast, and the pricing is actually really good, so we find it as a perfect fit for our Mavs fans and reaching Mavs fans of all ages.”

There is more evidence in the lawsuit regarding the misinterpretation by Cuban when he was promoting Voyager.

Since the news dropped, the community has been buzzing about what will happen next with Mark Cuban regarding this issue.

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