PROOF’s ‘Moonbirds Ravens’ Project To Be Revealed In August?!

PROOF’s ‘Moonbirds Ravens’ Project To Be Revealed In August?!

A few days ago, PROOF Holdings created a buzz around the NFT community when a leak was discovered where PROOF had trademarked the words ‘Moonbirds Raven’ on the 28th of June.

From this discovery, many Moonbirds holders began theorizing on what ‘Ravens’ could be, whether it was going to be a new collection or whether it was going to be a new extension to the existing Moonbirds collection.

Although there is not much information available about Moonbirds Ravens, since the discovery of the trademark, members of the PROOF team have come out to confirm the fact that Ravens is indeed a project their working on and will be revealed ‘soon’.

When Will Moonbirds Raven Be Revealed?

On the fourth of July, founder of PROOF, Kevin Rose revealed on the PROOF Discord channel that the team ‘was not expecting news about the trademark to leak so soon’ and that they will have a number of announcements coming out in the next couple of weeks. 

More recently, another member of the PROOF team, the co-founder of PROOF, Justin Mezzell tweeted on his account that he has been reading many theories around Moonbirds Oddities and Ravens. Along with that, he also states: “It’s been fun reading your ideas and predictions! Future PROOF in August will give a lot more color to what we’re building.

What Is Future Proof?

Explained by PROOF earlier in the year, ‘Future Proof’ is going to be a large online event held at late August where the team will outline and discuss the future plans of their projects, including a roadmap for the next 3-6 months as well as new product demos. 

From the previous tweets made by the PROOF team, it looks like the reveal of their Moonbirds Ravens project will only be explained during the Future Proof event in August. 

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