NFT Artist Beeple Building A Real Life Art Studio For NFTs!

NFT Artist Beeple Building A Real Life Art Studio For NFTs!

One of the biggest artists in the NFT space has just announced massive news that could change the entirety of how artists and art is looked at in the Web3 space!

The New Studio

Through his Twitter account, the popular artist who’s responsible for the biggest NFT sale of all time, Beeple, tweeted out a video showcasing the building of his new art studio in Charleston, South Carolina.

Through his video, the audience can see just how large this upcoming art studio will be as construction continues. Beeple describes the new space to be an “outlet for not just my artwork, but the entire digital art/NFT community.”

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In his thread, Beeple describes this project to be a great way to bring people together to experience NFT digital artworks in real life and help bring the next generation of NFT collectors together, exactly what is needed to move past the current bear market, he says.

It seems that this studio will showcase not only Beeple’s million dollars worth of artworks, but also feature other NFT artists too, though it hasn’t been specified which artists will be able to have their work displayed. 

“I believe by showing people that this artwork can absolutely be shared and appreciated in real life, not just on our tiny screens. They will see that this medium is just like any other with the ability to bring beauty, provoke thoughtful discussion, and truly move us.” Beeple wrote.

As of now, there have been no confirmation as to when exactly this art studio will be completed and open for the public to visit.

About Beeple

Not a stranger to the NFT community, Beeple is arguably the biggest artist on the scene as most of his work has been noted to be some of the most expensive sales in the NFT space.

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Last year the artist made headlines and a lot of buzz after one of his artwork, EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS, sold for a record-breaking $69.3 million at Christie’s auction house. 

Along with that, Beeple has also been in numerous talk shows, podcasts, and even featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

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