GoblinTown Contract Reveals More About The McGoblin Burger Baiting!

Goblintown contract reveals more about the McGoblin burger baiting! From the McGoblin burger’s toppings to whether a holder baits with one or two burgers, the Goblintown burger reveals more hints as to what we can expect when baiting.

Analyzing The Contract

With the Goblintown NFT project starting their Grumpl burger bait tomorrow, many in the community are extremely curious to the mysteries surrounding the baiting event. One of the most asked questions in the Goblin community since the baiting was announced was ‘what difference does it make when a holder baits with one burger compared to baiting with two or three burgers at once?’

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To answer these questions, Twitter user @0xQuit dissected and analyzed the Goblintown and McGoblin burger contracts to see what the different burgers and factors do and what we can expect when Grumpl baiting.

16 Different Possibilities

The first thing that was found in the contract was that each ingredient in a burger is counted and listed, meaning that when holders bait using one single burger, the system will take the burgers’ toppings into account.

However, the system will not take the ingredients into account if you bait using 2 or 3 burgers at the same time. Results are also said to be different if you bait using a hot dog rather than a burger.

To summarize the analysis simply, Goblintown’s contract hints that there will be 16 different possibilities depending on whether a holder chooses to bait using a single burger, double burgers, triple burgers, or a hotdog.

All in all, that means there are *16* pre-reveal metadata possibilities. This is similar to how burger metadata worked: images remained constant, but the metadata itself went from being shared amongst burgers with the same ingredients, to being solidified and unique.” @0xQuit explains in his thread.

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