Yuga Labs Hints At Working On Meebits NFTs’ Utility!

Yuga Labs hints at working on Meebits NFTs’ utility! For the first time since they first acquired the Meebits NFT collection along with Cryptopunks back in March, the Yuga Labs team have finally spoken up about their plans for Meebits.

Meebits Returns!

Today, Yuga Labs teased the return of Meebits after tweeting through their Twitter account announcing to the community that they are working on things for the future of the Meebits collection.

As per usual, not much was revealed around what it is exactly that they were working on with Meebits, they did however, reveal that Yuga Labs will now be taking a 5% royalty on secondary sales of the Meebits collection.

Aside from that, the community were forced to read between the lines of their 6 part Twitter thread to find out what it is exactly that Yuga Labs might be working on. From this, some in the community were able to find clues that suggested that Yuga Labs may possibly be working on more utility for the collection.

Working On Meebits Utility?

Some users have pointed out that in the tweets, the team claimed that they are going to be focusing on “embracing the currents already core to the community” along with that, members in the community pointed out the words used in the tweets, including “play, DIY experimentation, tech minimalism, and interoperability.”

Holders argue that this possibly means that rather than creating more or extending the current Meebits collection, the wording of the tweets suggests that the team is working to create more utility for the current collection.

So far there have been many theories circulating on what’s to come for the collection, from possible Meebits breeding systems, all the way to whether the Meebits collection is related to the 10KTF shop’s new “Mech” tweets.

But for now, holders have no choice but to wait for further announcements from the team for further explanations.

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