Everything You Need To Know About The Goblintown NFTs Burger Bait!

Everything You Need To Know About The GoblinTown NFTs Burger Bait! The team behind Goblintown NFTs has finally revealed one of the uses of their McGoblin Burgers NFTs, here’s how you can use it to mint something surprising this Friday!

About The Burger Bait

Last month, Truth Labs, the team behind the Goblintown NFT collection dropped their latest collection, the McGoblin burgers. Now, holders of the McGoblin burger will finally be able to use their burgers and goblins in combination to set up ‘bait’ to set up a grumpl trap

In a thread using their usual Goblin language, the team explains that holders will be able to bait starting this Friday in which the baiting period will last for 3 weeks (ends August 19th). To bait, holders will need to have at least 1 Goblin and 1 burger. Holders can choose to combine their burgers so that 1 goblin can bait with 2 or 3 burgers at the same time.


Members of the team have also clarified that the same Goblin can be used by a holder to burn an infinite amount of burgers.

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Finally, the team has also clarified that the chance to use these burgers as bait is completely up to the holder, announcing that those who wish to keep their burgers will get to be use it for more projects in the future, saying “Even though the bait window is closing, there will be other things for burgers in the future.

Excitement For The Future Of GoblinTown NFTs

Many in the community are understandably excited for both this new project as well as the future of Goblintown NFTs as a whole. Many in the community have been discussing with each other about theories on the difference of using only one vs three burgers and what that effect that will have on the Grumpl they catch. 


Many are also excited about the announcement that McGoblin burgers will also have future uses, giving holders multiple options as well as showing the community that the team has seriously thought in advance about future projects and what direction they want Goblintown NFT to go.

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