GoblinTown Reveals A New Form For Their NFTs

Goblintown reveals a new form for their NFTs. After the rise of Goblintown NFTs and the rise of the McGoblin burger NFTs that followed, the Truth Labs team has revealed the newest form of their project hatched from the Goblin ‘egg.’

What is The Egg?

For a long time, the Goblintown NFT project have been teasing their holders with a new upcoming project that is most often reffered to as “the egg.”

This project started when the team first posted a picture of an egg and continued to post pictures relating to the egg in a way that seems to tell a story plot. Since then, many have waited to see what this egg could mean for the collection and what new project will come out of it.

Besides this however, Goblintown hasn’t revealed much more information about where their collection is going or what plans they have. Because of this, members of the community have been left to theorize about what the next step for the collection is as many wonder whether there will be more Goblintown NFTs split into different parts like this.

Since the reveal, Goblintown NFTs have risen in floor price and trading volume significantly, with more than a 170% rise in trading volume in the past 24 hours.

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